Breeze/Gallop-Out Reports

We’re always at the sale, every sale, all of the time. For the 2-year-old in-training sales our team is on hand meticulously covering every aspect of each horse’s breeze. We strategically place members of our team in the chute, in the lane, and in the turn.

Breeze Speed Figures
You're reading this correctly! In a first of its kind development, AtTheSale has developed proprietary speed figures for every horse that works in the under tack show. No different from the various speed figures you’ve all seen assigned to horses when they race, we’ve applied the same principles to each breeze. We use a proprietary system of statistical analysis and subjective evaluation and we assign an AtTheSale Speed Figure (ASF) to every breeze. Find out which horse truly stood out, outworked all the others, and separated itself from the rank and file. The ASF is truly a game-changer and will revolutionize breeze show analysis.

Breeze Report
-We watch the manner in which the horse comes onto the track and approaches the pole.
-We watch how it moves and is handled throughout its work, we assign a letter grade A-F to the breeze, and we include comments.
-We time the horse’s gallop-out 1/8 and 1/4 past the wire and we listen to its breathing and for any noises.
-We scrutinize how it finishes and gallops out and we assign a letter grade A-F to the gallop out after the wire, and we include comments.
-Finally we grade the comprehensive overall performance, we assign an all-inclusive letter grade A-F to the overall work, and we include comments.
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Breeze Chart
We've graphically charted every breeze each day and plotted them all on one chart. See the entire session in one single snapshot. Quickly identify trends and outliers.
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Do not go into the sales ring unprepared.

OBS March Sale Breeze Report - $749
OBS April Sale Breeze Report - $999
Fasig-Tipton Midlantic May Sale Breeze Report - $749
OBS June Sale Breeze Report - $999
Fasig-Tipton Midlantic June Sale Breeze Report - $499

Individual Hips - $25 each

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